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ISIS MCL Active e-Seal

Double-secure container locking

system with built-in active RFID device


The ISIS Mega CableLock Active e-Seal has a bolt seal on one end of a steel cable that secures the container door hasp.

The other end of the cable loops around the two bars on the container doors and then secured in a one-way locking mechanism.

The die-cast locking mechanism is encased in a high-impact ABS plastic body that also houses the RFID device and circuitry.

Customized marking may be etched on the two locking bodies with permanent laser technology. Identical serial numbers, logo and bar codes can be marked on all three parts of the seal if required.

The ISIS Mega CableLock Active e-Seal is designed and built to provide a secure, tamper-evident solution for easy integration into automated logistics and cargo management systems.

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