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    How Useful or Effective Seals are?

    Without question are both useful and effective, Seals are used to great benefit in countless applications everyday. Our experience on the seal industry confirms that hundreds of customers using to detect tempering and unathorized opening.

    While each situation is unique, there is one over – arching (and often misunderstood) fact concerning the effectiveness of security seals.
    All Security Seals can be defeated
    All Security Seals can be effective

    Both are true, and this paradox is explained quite simply:

    Seals can be defeated or bypassed – without leaving openly obvious evidence; giving sufficient opportunity, time, and tools. So can safes, door locks, padlocks, alarms etc.

     Seal can be made to work effectively in tamper detection, with appropriate application, a strong and well – enforced program for control and inspection, and adaptable countermeasures.

    You can debate which type of seals work best for given use (or don’t work), or even if they are necessary for your purposes. But, if you use seals, before selecting which seal to use, it is far more helpful to first deal with how they will be handled, and what people will need to know (and do) to make them effective.